Pulse-Bac® Technology. Better than the rest!

Not all Industrial Vacuums and Dust Collectors are created equally.

Most so called “self cleaning” vacuums rely on the user to stop working to shake a filter clean, trigger a compressor for blow back, push a button or simply  replace a filter to unclog the vacuum.  This decreases productivity, increases labor and maintenance cost and if your’re working with silica, may not even meet OSHA 2017 requirements.

Pulse-Bac® vacuum equipment is equipped with our patented Pulse-Bac® Automatic Pulse-Clean Technology, the first major innovation in vacuum technology in over 80 years. This patented technology is designed for use in vacuums and dust collection equipment used to collect and control hazardous dust from Concrete, Stone, Lead, Asbestos, Silica, Carbon Fiber, CFRP, Fiberglass and any other type of dry non-combustible materials. The patented self cleaning technology allows the vacuum to handle the fine dust from these material without clogging the filter by automatically pulsing the filter clear of dust and debris during operation, using only ambient air and vacuum.

Pulse-Bac® vacuums and dust collectors are fully automatic, no blowers, shakers, compressors or buttons to push. Turn them on and go to work, the patented pulsing technology stops the filter from facing with dust or debris and clogging, keeping suction consistent and you on the job, while meeting OSHA, NIOSH and EPA requirements. All this while enjoying increased productivity at a lower cost of operation, these     vacuums will pay for themselves!

Pulse-Bac exclusive Cyclonic Debris Management System works in unison with our pulsing technology to stop dust and debris from constantly cycling up to the filters. The CDM stops upwards of 90% of dust and debris from ever reaching the filter, while at the same time holding the dust at the bottom of the tank when the filters are pulsed clean. This innovative design is included in all Pulse-Bac vacuum tanks, extenders and pre-separators.

All Pulse-Bac models use HEPA filtration with advanced patented twist on/off filters that are manufactured out of a continuous non-woven Spun Bond Polyester material with a P.T.F.E. coating. This patented design increase the life span of the filter and reduces filter replacement cost to the user. Because Pulse-Bac vacuums continually pulse filters clean, you can expect more filter life vs. vacuums that constantly apply vacuum pressure on their filters. Our patented Filters are able to capture particles as small as .12 microns and are designed with a twist on/off design, making installing and replacing the filters quick and easy.

Pulse-Bac vacuums and dust collectors deliver unmatched performance with increased productivity, are compliant with the EPA RRP Lead Paint rules,  OSHA 2017 Silica rules, and will lower maintenance cost and eliminate downtime. All Pulse-Bac models are HEPA or HEPA Certified and come with advanced patented SBP PTFE filters and our Cyclonic Debris Management System. Optional accessories like an Automatic Tool Start and Tank Capacity Sensor are also available. HEPA Certified models meet and exceed EPA, OSHA, and NIOSH standards.

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