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Dust shrouds are attached to tools that are used for grinding, sanding or cutting on dust producing materials like concrete, wood and composites to name a few.  The shroud connects the tool to a vacuum to capture the dust and debris the tool creates when in use. Many dust shrouds attempt to seal the shroud to the surface, but once you turn on the vacuum the shroud can become immediately suction locked to the surface causing damage.

Dust Grabber™ shrouds are designed to prevent this. The patented design creates a vortex of air around the circumference of the shroud, eliminating suction lock and allowing the grinder to float across the surface like a puck on ice. The ease of use doesn’t affect the dust collection, the shroud can still capture up to 99% of the dust. The patented polymer seal can be easily replaced without removing any other parts. The one piece design is more effective at collecting dust,  easier to use on the job, and allows you to grind up to and within a 1/8″ from the wall or vertical surface.

But remember, no matter what brand or type of shroud you use, a shroud is only as good as the vacuum to which it is attached. When attaching a vacuum to a tool that is creating dust and running at 6000 RPM or more, make sure that the vacuum is OSHA complaint, otherwise, that vacuum will most likely fail and will not keep up or be able to capture the dust and put you at risk of a hefty fine. Remember, It is not the shroud, it is the vacuum attached to shroud. That is why we only recommend Pulse-Bac vacuums when working with dust. These vacuums meet and exceed OSHA Silica Rules requirements & regulations while providing the highest rate of productivity of any vacuum manufacture.

** NOTE: New 2017 OSHA Silica Rules require hand held tools be shrouded and paired with a HEPA vacuum when being used to cut, grind or sand on materials that contain Silica. To learn more about these new rules click here.

Dust Grabbers are Available in 3 great Models:


The 7″ Original Dust Grabber features a durable metal body, long lasting polymer seals and is backed by a lifetime warranty. This shroud uses a grinder specific aluminum adapter that fits your specific brand, ensuring a secure and tight fit and are available for most major brand of 7″ angle grinders.



The 4″ Original Dust Grabber has the same great features as the 7″, but is designed to fit the smaller 4-5″ grinders. It includes a high quality 4″ cup wheel, aluminum adapter for a secure and tight fit and is backed up by a lifetime warranty.



The Dust Grabber II features a high quality polymer body with a seal using the same patented technology as the Original Dust Grabber. Perfect for occasional professional use or for taking DIY projects to the next level of safety and convenience . The Dust Grabber II features a Universal Adapter that is designed to fit large 7″ angle grinders.


Don't forget that the Dust Grabber is only is as good as the vacuum it's attached to and no vacuum can out-perform Pulse-Bac, The Original & Patented Self Cleaning vacuum.

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