Pulse-Bac is proud to have so many satisfied customers all over the world. We’re  overjoyed that so many of those customers give us great testimonials and reviews, without being asked. Below are just a few of the many we’ve received.

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the Pulse-Bac 550H.


Snake Mountain Boatworks

Snake Mountain Boatworks restores wooden and fiber glass boats in Vermont. They love their PB-1250 for dust extraction  with their random orbit sanders. We found this video posted on Youtube, watch the video and hear it straight from them!

Precision Surfaces LLC

Below is a letter publish in the October 2013 issue of TileLetter Magazine from Jay Zurn, President of Precision Surfaces. 

There seemed to be many dust vacuums on the market. Initially I thought I’d try an inexpensive attempt by attaching my $100 shop vacuum to my concrete grinder. This provided decent results – for a little over a minute – and after only two minutes the brand new shop vacuum filter was absolutely saturated with concrete dust. There was zero air-flow and consequently plumes of dust pouring from my floor grinders.

I then began to look for a true commercial-grade solution. After a few hours of searching I learned of an award-winning dust vacuum that automatically cleaned its filters every ten seconds while the vacuum was still running. The Pulse-Bac 1250 automatically reverses the internal airflow for just a fraction of a second, which blasts the filters clean. This machine has paid for itself many, many times over. For instance:

We no longer have to stop production to clean filters.

Due to the high CFM of the vacuum, no dust escapes from the grinders. As a result, we no longer have a need to hang up plastic-sheeting barriers. When the cost of the plastic sheeting and the wages to hang the plastic are combined it is rather costly.

We can now avoid frequently purchasing new filters for the cheap shop vacuums. Filter life has transitioned from hours or days for the cheap ones and is now up to months or years for the Pulse-Bac filters.

I believe the single biggest advantage to having this equipment is the improved air quality for the health of my crews, my customers, and myself.

I believe this new system has helped to set my company apart from my competitors. I have been awarded jobs solely on my company’s ability to control dust at the point of origin. While these machines were no small investment, they do pay for themselves over time. I couldn’t imagine not having our Pulse-Bacs; as far as I’m concerned they are necessary equipment.

– Jay Zurn, Precision Surfaces LLC


Back River Pre-Cast, LLC.

Back River Pre-Cast, LLC. a pre-cast concrete company in Maryland owned by Tony Geckle and his brother. With 25 years of experience in the business Tony has dealt with dust collection a lot. He loves his 550, you can read below about how it changed his business.

February 21, 2012
To Whom It May Concern:
My name is Tony Geckle and I have been in the concrete business for over 25 years.
My Brother and I own a Pre-Cast Concrete Company called Back River Pre-Cast
Located in Reisterstown, Maryland. I came across  the web-site when I was on the Internet. I called and spoke with Peggy Tinsley a Representative for the company and she sent me some information about the PB-55O HEPA Self Cleaning Pulse-Bac Vacuum. I took a chance and purchased one based on the information that Peggy sent me. Peggy assured me this vacuum would perform to my expectations Guaranteed! BOY did it! After all the years in this business fighting dust and cleaning filters every time you get the shop vacuum out, this Vac has outperformed anything I have used before. If you know anything about cement dust you know it gets into EVERYTHING. Other vacuums all they do is move the dust from the floor and put it into the air. The same thing can be said for drywall dust. NO MORE! If you are a builder and need to do drywall work in an occupied space, YOU NEED THE PULSE-BAC!! I have 2 things I would like to say about this vacuum.

Normally when we vacuum our front office where the computers are I put sheets over the computers and do it at the end of the day because it creates so much dust. Plus after just a few minutes I have to stop and clean the filters because they become clogged and there is no suction. When I vacuumed with the Pulse-Bac I turned off the lights, took an LED light afterwards and there was no dust! So now I do not have to cover the computers with sheets or wait until the end of the day to vacuum.

There are stairs in my company that we have to vacuum all the time because they get a build-up of concrete dust. Normally after the third step I have to clean the filters because they become clogged and there is no suction. Not with the Pulse-Bac! I was able to continuously vacuum all the stairs without ever doing anything! What a vacuum! I will definitely recommend it to all my customers and friends in the In the “industry” for all Drywall Dust and Concrete Dust! Thank you Pulse-Bac!

Dominic “Tony” Geckle, President
Back River Pre-Cast, LLC.

Custom Floor Crafters

Below is note to Beth one of our Customer Service Representatives from Dirk O’Brien at Customer Floor Crafters.

Thanks so much Miss Beth! I love my new machine. What a powerful, attractive little unit! It has been on three job sites already and impresses everyone. (Hard to get stuff done while chatting and giving demonstrations!) Lol. Special thanks to Mr. Dave. Your willingness to stand behind your product and take the time to help me with everything I needed has truly been a blessing for my growing company. Thank the lord for an American company making high quality, tuff products that can get the job done! Please add me to your mailing lists.

Thanks again,
Dirk O’Brien
Custom Floor Crafters


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